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Theatrical Armourer

Participate offers qualified Theatrical Armourers based in Sydney. 


Director and Producer, Artur Kade, who began his production career in 1986, holds a Prohibited Weapons Permit and Firearms Dealer licence issued by the Police Commissioner of NSW in 2013 and Glock gunsmith certification.

What is a Theatrical Armourer?

A theatrical armourer licence is a permit for a firearms dealer that authorises the possession, manufacture, acquisition, supply, testing, repair or conversion of firearms or firearm parts, and providing firearms for the purposes of film, television or theatrical productions.

The permit also authorises the theatrical armourer, and selected employees, to instruct and supervise actors and other persons involved in a film, television or theatrical production.

Under supervision and control of the theatrical armourer, actors and other select persons involved in the production, may possess and use firearms on the set.

In all respects the legislative, record keeping, security and reporting requirements for a theatrical armourer are the same as those of a firearms dealer.

Code of Practice

"Film is NOT forever, whereas, even mild injuries can last a lifetime." James Arnett.

Participate code of practice has a duty of care in the circumstances described in the code. Participate follows an approved code of practice to achieve compliance with the health and safety duties in the WHS Act, in relation to the subject matter of the code. Participate code of practice deal with particular issues and do not cover all hazards or risks that may arise.

The health and safety duties require Participate to consider all risks associated with theatrical armourer risks, not only those for which regulations and codes of practice exist. Participate and Artur Kade holds a Commissioner’s licenses as Dealer and Theatrical Armourer to supply of any prohibitive weapons with/or without blank fire for film productions needs. Mr. Kade and his partners will make aware all the production’s personnel, producers, directors cast and crew of the compliance and safety required as well but not limited to safe handling of the prohibited weapons used, transport and/or safe storage.

All Crew and Cast must attend safety training at the range and read Gun Safety on Film Set. Permission to use firearms, prohibited weapons or blank fire ammunition will only be given to the production after safety course and assessment and upon the satisfactory implementation of security procedures and direct supervision by Theatrical Armourer. Participate Dealer License (Firearms Amendment Act 2008) and Commissioner’s Permit was issued to Participate by the NSW Police Firearms. All weapons used on film/productions are stored and kept secure at all times.

Firearms, replicas and weapons are only to be used in accordance with NSW legislation and regulations. Swords, knives and blades are blunt. Participate provides appropriate warnings to cast and crew about blank fire ammunition and the cue for firing. The use of blank fire ammunition dose note exceed 85 decibels over an 8 hour period or peak at more than 140 decibels. Approved gun storage is provided. It is an offence to bring any firearm, replica or weapon into the film set unless it is under the above conditions. Live ammunition must NEVER be used. "Only fools believe the adage, “pain is temporary, film is forever”. Out of the tens of thousands of movies made every year worldwide, only a single digit percentage gain meaningful distribution, while the rest are never seen or even remembered by anyone.

Producers must to make sure that a safety policies and procedures are in place and all personnel cast and crew adhered to. Theatrical Armourer will bring the expertise and identify potential problems, making Director, 1st AD and Producers aware of potential hazards and risk when using prohibited weapons. Theatrical Armourer will inspect firearms and blank ammunition for any potential problems that may threaten the safety of everyone involved. Because blank-firing firearms can kill the responsibility of all involved is to create and maintain safe working set.