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Participate Pty Ltd is a Sydney-based production company. Established 2005, we have a proud history of providing film and video production services locally and internationally meeting a variety of client needs. Participate is also a licensed supplier of on-set firearms and safety officers, focussed on quality and safety in every aspect of our service.

Participate produce movies, documentaries, corporate films and a range of digital content.

Artur Kade - CEO  is an award-winning director and producer who produced and theatrically released seven feature films and several documentaries, directed thousands of productions ranging from TV commercials, music videos, marketing, community engagement, educational and training, as well as customer service programs for diverse corporate, business and government clients.

Participate provides its Theatrical Armourer services in collaboration with The Condell Park Indoor Firearms Shooting Range (NSW), established in 1999 by director Graham Barry. Alongside certified trainers, Participate conducts all training at their safe indoor 25m range facility. Participate offers a diverse collection of weapons, including Glock and Smith & Wesson, plus the necessary skills, licensed and insured Armourers that adhere to industry requirements to keep your set safe, as well as compliant with relevant legislation.

Commissions have taken Artur and our crews all over Australia and beyond to the Maldives, South Africa, Mexico, New Zealand, India, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the United States. 


About Artur Kade

Over the past 35 years, Artur has mastered his skills across all facets of film, video production and photography; with underwater direction and camerawork as his latest passion.

He is a licensed Theatrical Armourer, Glock Gunsmith and holds a permit for Prohibited Weapons. Artur also has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 

His young at heart personality coupled with his extensive industry experience is what makes him highly sought after director and producer.

Artur's newfound love for underwater productions came about with the production, Momentum (due to release in 2017). Momentum is his first documentary film, which captures the beauty and awe of life beneath the sea and the sport of freediving. The Momentum film is the first production in his series of upcoming underwater works.

The underlying intention of Artur’s productions is to capture and share the essence of nature and humanity. With an innate love and curiosity for exploration of our vast planet, he has been fortunate to travel and work globally.

“My deepest desire is for each project to take you on an emotional journey of self-discovery. I offer a platform for education and awareness. My films are a vessel through which we can all learn and explore human potential, nature and the environment. Every moment is full of uniqueness, beauty and perfection.”

Artur is currently working on several productions. At present, he is collaborating with professionals and scientists from all around the world on the upcoming productions: Killer Whale Momentum and Momentum Powder.