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Create breathtaking visual experiences that explore the boundaries of human potential and provide inspiration to audiences around the globe

Sit comfortably in your chair, relax your body, take a deep breath, inflate your lungs and dive in with Bonin, Carrera, Gautier, Nery, Molchanova, Molinari, Molchanov, Streeter, Zuccari and others. 

They will take you on an extraordinary journey, exploring the depths of the ocean and the human being. You will visit places where only submarines, whales and the elite few dare to go.

The first 10 meters are hard on the body, but the visual spectacle overcomes the discomfort till gravity takes over. Most hesitate and return; gravity carries some into the abyss. 

To your amazement they continue to go deeper and deeper, reaching total darkness. Something unexpected to you, at that depth even light does not venture. Intrigued, concerned, you find yourself questioning their sanity. The human brain works differently at the depth of 100 - 200 meters. 

To you, they seem alone and scared, but they tell you that they are so happy, they feel free and do not want to go back. Time has stopped, and they are one with everything there is. Millions of physical and psychological sensations sweep their bodies. The urge to stay down below is very high now. At this moment, lasting but a second for you, eternity elapsed for them. They feel truly connected to the universe and the universe within them. Immersed and timeless, they made a decision to stay forever. 

Finally, the 20 bars of pressure starts building discomfort. They start to ascend in front of your eyes; their lungs expand in search of air, their heart makes its first beat again, and their blood rushes through every cell. Incredible acceleration is pushing them into the light. Water rubs against the body suit releasing air bubbles connecting you and them with reality, somehow lesser than the reality of finding yourself.  



The inspirational value of Momentum comes from real people in real situations. We interviewed the global freediving elite including legends Enzo Maiorca, Umberto Pelizzari and 16 other freedivers. 

Each accomplished diver reveals his/hers deepest fears and exposes their personal experience of the intense beauty of the free dive. 

Participating in the spectacle of these incredible freediving journeys will free the audiences’ mind while challenging their perception of the body’s endurance and the boundaries of sanity of the human race.

Collateral assets: posters and media kits will contain our uniform vision.

The final product will be available in all media and through all territories.

Momentum will be released in 2017.

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